Technical Ground Team at Work


The Intellicom Group have their own dedicated installation and civil engineers that enable us to offer a complete (or part) installation and civil work service as required.
Our civil work capabilities include;
• Initial Site Survey including Technical Drawings as required
• Foundation Blocks including Road Crossings and Kerb Lines
• Cable Ducting and Trenching
• Induction Loop Slotting and Backfilling
• Manholes and Soak aways
• Tarmacking and Block paving

Providing a professional service at all times, Intellicom experienced engineers insure the highest level of customer service.
Our Installation Capabilities include;
• Carriage to Site
• Offloading / Craneage Facilities
• Bolting Down / Setting Up
• Cable Supply and Installation (Mains and Control Cables)
• Testing, Commissioning and on-site Training

The Intellicom Group has permanent staff to do professional physical installation of all our systems. The install team has years of professional experience doing high-tech installations for diverse customer projects.
Intellicom can provide a full range of services around installation including design and documentation of installation, supply of all material, installation, testing and commissioning of equipment.