Project Planning

Our team has experience in the field of system design and implementation, and our top management will give your project personalized attention to ensure you get the highest quality, and the most cost efficient result.

The Intellicom Group routinely works with all stakeholders in a project including architects and engineers during the design phase to ensure that your project is completed correctly and on time, so that you don’t incur any cost overruns.

We take this very seriously, and will make necessary accommodations to achieve this objective for you.

Our planning and installation teams have vast experience in design and implementation for diverse customer projects.

Further we have certified experts that provide accurate time estimates on implementation and ensure that installations are done on schedule.

Installation and Civil Works

The Intellicom Group have their own dedicated installation and civil engineers that enable us to offer a complete (or part) installation and civil work service as required.
Our civil work capabilities include;
• Initial Site Survey including Technical Drawings as required
• Foundation Blocks including Road Crossings and Kerb Lines
• Cable Ducting and Trenching
• Induction Loop Slotting and Backfilling
• Manholes and Soak aways
• Tarmacking and Block paving

Providing a professional service at all times, Intellicom experienced engineers insure the highest level of customer service.
Our Installation Capabilities include;
• Carriage to Site
• Offloading / Craneage Facilities
• Bolting Down / Setting Up
• Cable Supply and Installation (Mains and Control Cables)
• Testing, Commissioning and on-site Training

The Intellicom Group has permanent staff to do professional physical installation of all our systems. The install team has years of professional experience doing high-tech installations for diverse customer projects.
Intellicom can provide a full range of services around installation including design and documentation of installation, supply of all material, installation, testing and commissioning of equipment.


Most Intellicom Group projects involve the supply of complex IT systems and most of our customers lack professional and trained IT departments staff to manage these systems.

To address this, The Intellicom Group offers an extended maintenance service to enable our customers focus on their primary business activities. This brings significant cost reductions, reduces risks and improves the quality of service for the installed IT system.

Our Maintenance agreements include Regular preventive maintenance, repairs done with genuine manufacturers’ parts, manufacturer- certified service and 24/7 technical assistance.