Bibliotheca Library Solution

Bibliotheca is the largest global company dedicated to the development, deployment, and support of self-service library solutions and has worked alongside libraries for more than 20 years. From the beginning, Bibliotheca have been innovators – dreaming of new ways to help libraries serve their patrons in the most efficient manner. This often extends beyond simply providing innovations in self-service library technologies, it is the passion for libraries that drives Bibliotheca to create solutions that meet the needs of library customers not only for today, but for years to come. Whether it is offering multiple patron services at a single kiosk or providing patrons with the ability to pick up holds at a remote location.

Bibliotheca provides a myriad of self-service efficiency technology choices that not only meet but exceed the needs of modern libraries. The Bibliotheca system ensures a multitude of benefits to the library and its patrons, including fewer lines, and reduced time spent by staff circulating items and taking inventory.Bibliotheca library system has been installed in more than 30,000 libraries worldwide.

Bibliotheca acquired the 3M library division in 2017.

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